Saturday, 29 September 2012

Where In The World Challenge: Isreal

Hi guys!

I have another instalment of Where In The World challenge today, and it's Israel! For this look I wanted to pull together a number of images that come to my mind when I think of Israel. Images such as their flag, the Jerusalem skyline, the dessert and handmade textiles... Here's what I came up with:

Isreal Inspried
For the above look I used OPI San Tan-Tonio & OPI Gold Shatter on my thumb and ring finger, then dotted with Nails Inc Baker Street and GOSH Lambada. OPI Alpine Snow Matte, and Nails Inc Baker Street topped with Essie Kisses and Bisses is what's on the remaining fingers.

GAhh that stupid piece of fluff!!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out what the others created for Israel below!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Purple Stamping

Hi Guys,

I have a purple look on the blog today. I always talk about my deep love for the colour purple, yet I haven't posted nearly enough and I need to make it right again :)

Here is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Lacey Lilac, stamped using Barielle Passion Piroutte with MASH plate 26.  After stamping, I lightly painted OPI Pirouette My Whistle on the tips.

I apologise for what seems to be blue nail polish on the cuticle & edge of my polish application, I think its colour that got caught on my clean up brush.

Annd... maybe I could have used an extra dose of lotion for I took a few pictures... yikes! Sorry guys!!

With that, I bid you all a good day! :)


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fall Is In The Air with OPI Bronzed to Perfection

Hi guys!

How was everyone weekend? My baby Matthew turned 5 on Monday, and we've been busy all weekend with his birthday party, then a small family dinner Monday night. At this moment I have more toys then I know what to do with, I'm going to have to sell or donate some of his old toys. Here a picture I took right before the festivities:
My boys: Matthew & Isaac

Today I have a fall inspired mani to show you guys. I used OPI Bronzed to Perfection which I grabbed at the Ontario Blogger Meet Up. I almost passed up this discerning beauty, but I think with a little seasonal flair Bronzed to Perfection will become a fall staple in my collection.

OPI Bronzed to Perfection
OPI Bronzed to Perfection with OPI Road House Blues
For this look I used 2 coats of Bronzed to Perfection, OPI Road House Blues on the side and Essie Good As Gold stamped using MASH Plate 27. I was sad to remove this beauty, I just feel like wearing fall shades now that the weather is turning in my area.

Also from last week, I tried to take some outfit of the day (OOTD)/ face of the day (FOTD) photos. (sorry to spell it out, but my Mom doesn't know what these things mean!! ... hee hee :) ). Anyways my youngest son, Isaac, kept distracting me and wanted in on the fun too. I got a few "serious" FOTD pics, but I liked my pictures with him much better anyways! If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this little collage already:
Me and Isaac
Can you guys believe that this bald baby is almost a year old?!! He barely has any peach fuzz on top of his head. Here's an extra "blooper" for you too:
Baby!! :)
Have a great day guys, and thanks for reading!


Friday, 21 September 2012

China Glaze Get In Lime


Today's NOTD wasn't even supposed to be a NOTD. I just wanted to show my mom what a holographic nail polish looked like. I grabbed my new Layla Ultra Violet and swatched it on my thumb. Now a few of you may remember THIS post, where I showed off my amazing swap haul from the Southern Ontario Blogger Meet Up and forgot to include China Glaze Get In Lime. I grabbed it to show her also & I painted the remaining 4 fingers to swatch it. After she left I realised I liked how it looked and just dressed it up little a bit more.

China Glaze Get In Lime with Cult Nails Nevermore
I free handed tips with the one coater black Cult Nails Nevermore. I stamped on my thumb with my MASH stamping plate 46 and Konad Black Stamping Polish.

It feels really cool to wear a funky french, and for some reason I felt like my nails were more noticeable... Not because of the neon green, but because of the tips.
I also love Layla Ultra Violet! This baby is HOLO!! I need the sun to to stay a little bit longer so I can wear it properly, and in its full glory. Its so pretty!!

I should add that I took these pictures in my light box so the colour is a bit washed out.

Have a great weekend everyone!! <3


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cult Nails Feeling Froggy & Nails Inc Baker Street

Hi Guys!

I have another really quick post today! Its been a busy week for me, with no signs of slowing down!I wore this look for only about half a day, before I picked off my studs... which made me sad because I really frikken loved this!
Here we have Cult Nails Feeling Froggy, Nails Inc Baker Street, and China Glaze For Audrey. These are my 3 favourite nail polishes these days, I can't get enough of them!
Blue lovers, Nails Inc Baker Street is for you, its the brightest, smoothest, most awesomest blue ever invented. Feeling Froggy is great too, its a medium grassy green with beautiful shimmer, its also very slightly muted. I love how this shade looks in the sun.

Do you guys have a polish that you just can't resist? Sometimes I really think I should bring out more of my nail polishes, but I just love my favourites so much that a few polish babies get neglected. I'm looking to change that, one day I'll start wearing nothing but untrieds and share the love. 

Thanks for reading today :)


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Revlon Jaded Layered!

Hi guys,

I have a quickie layering NOTD using Revlon Jaded, Girly Bits Street Magic and Nicole By OPI Lets Get it Star-ed to show you guys. This was actually worn for 3 days and the main reason I took it off was because I picked at it! I really love how this simple-to-do look turned out!

Heres Revlon Jaded layered with Girly Bits Street Magic:
Revlon Jaded with Girly Bits Street Magic

Next I layered on Nicole By OPI Let's Get It Started!:
Revlon Jaded with Girly Bits Street Magic and NOPI Lets Get It Star-ed

I found this to be really fun & I wish I had somewhere to wear it out to, instead of around my own house lol.
What do you guys think of the pictures? I'm starting to use my light box more. I personally find my photos came out a little on the cool side, but they are better now compared to how yellow they were last time I tried my light box. I do think the polish came out fairly true to colour on my monitor. I'm going to use the sun light while I still can, but I should figure out this light box contraption thingy soon! :)
Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Where In The World Challenge: Spain


Todays country in the Where In The World Challenge is Spain! Check out what I created for my Spain inspired mani:

Spain Mani
I used Spanish dancing as my inspiration, mainly this photo:
Picture Source
To create this look, I used different reds and a dotting tool, I roughly followed these instructions by Chalkboard Nails

Colour List:
Gosh Lambada
OPI Black Cherry Chutney
OPI A- Zurich
OPI Diva of Geneva
Cult Nails Nevermore

I hope you enjoyed my Spain inspired mani! Israel is up next!

And here's the list of all countries coming up. Any countries you're looking forward too?

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Cult Nails Feeling Froggy with OPI You Don't Know Jacques

Hi guys!

Today I have an...Interesting mani for you. Its another round of Matthews picks that I did this past Wednesday. For those who don't know, I've let my 4yr old son pick out my nail polish shades in the past and created this look with his selections.

So lets see what he came up with this time:

To my surprise and delight he picked out Cult Nails Feeling Froggy, which is a grassy green shimmery jelly. Then (to my horror) he proceed to also pick OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, and Essie Good As Gold. Each one of these polishes are great in their own way, but how the heck can I throw a look together with such a mish-mash!?

When I showed him the finished product he deemed it "nice" and went back to what he was playing with! So maybe not the best look :)

That's it for my nails today!

Do you guys do anything different to help you out of a creative slump? Sometimes I feel like there are nail art ideas coming from everywhere, and I just need someone else to pick for me. Even if it is my little boy, its still great to have a "starting point" so to say. I am already looking forward to the  next creative slump, if only to see what Matthew picks out next :)

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great Monday!


Friday, 14 September 2012

China Glaze For Audrey Stamped!


Friiiiidayy!! Whoo! How is everyone? I have a long time favourite to show on the blog today, China Glaze For Audrey. This is supposed to be Tiffany Blue, I have never seen a Tiffany's box before in my life, so I will have to take other comparisons word on it, but I hope to one day be on the receiving end of a little blue box (by the way Jon, my birthday is coming up!).

China Glaze For Audrey
 ChG For Audrey Stamped with MASH plates 38 & 46 using Essie Good As Gold. That spider stamp has stolen my heart! I love how long its legs are, I would almost consider it a full nail stamp. I know a lot of people don't like spiders, but when it comes time for Halloween (too early? sorry) spiders and cats are my favourite thing, followed by pumpkins... But I also LOVE pumpkins too but in a fall/seasonal kinda way. Did you guys know I have a pumpkin patch in my back yard?

I like to think of this look as I'm-not-ready-for-fall fall mani. I already put away the neons, but I'm not ready to whip out the vamps full time just yet. Plus the temperature is still close to summer highs. ChG For Audrey to me is a fairly neutral shade of blue, it doesn't seem to have much problem transitioning over the seasons.  

Are you guys ready to put away your summer brights, and pull out the fall shades? Or are you holding on to the last few days and looks of summer?

I personally like to play it by ear, I do my nails based on how I feel that day, and the weather/ tempature has a big impact on that. So its kinda default that I don't want bright neons in the middle of winter, know what I mean?

Have a great weekend guys!!


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Where In The World Challenge: Canada

Hi Guys!

Guess what!? This is my 100th post :D I am happy to say that its doing the Where In The World Challenge and the country for today is Canada!
For this look I used Sparitual Poppy, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, China Glaze For Audrey. I Stamped with MASH plate 26 and Konad White.

On the pinky is a 3 leaf flower called a trillium, which is the provincial flower for Ontario (the province I live in). The rest is all red and white to represent the good ol' Canadian flag. I tried my hand at free-handing the maple leaf on my thumb, I don't think it turned out terrible... but lets say I need more practise.

Yaaa Canada!
 I actually loved the colours in this, and wore it without any stamping and glitter for the first day. ChG For Audrey added something to this look that took it out of Canada Day celebration territory and made it a little funky. Sparitual Poppy is so great I have no words...None. Just if you ever need a red, this one I recommend.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading.

Please check out the other looks below:


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OPI San Tan-tonio Times 3

Good morning readers!

I have another post involving last weekend. Today it includes the nails I did on my mom and sister as well as my own.

So here's what happened, I called my sister looking for her because she was supposed to be coming over for a visit... Well her puppy was picked up from the breeders Friday and was currently at her house. We decided it would be waaay easier if I came to visit her instead. So I packed up my boys, some polish and spent the afternoon with the new puppy (named Belle, but I can't stop calling her Belly) and painting some nails!

I did my mom first, when I'm doing her nails I always know to bring a whole bunch of tans, beiges, soft pink-ish shades... you know... muggle shades... and I know shes reading this... But Mom its TRUE!! (although she told me that she wore GREEN on St Patricks Day... Get OUT! *said like Stacy London*) At least she really likes stamping:

OPI San Tan-tonio
We used OPI San Tan-tonio, with China Glaze Fairy Dust sponged on the tips. We Stamped using MASH plate 46 with Konad white stamping polish. OPI Funky Dunkey & Kiss Me On My Tulips were dotted on after to finish the look.

 Next up we have my sister, who is a lot more relaxed when it comes to what shades go on her nails... I do notice one thing though, whenever she comes over shes heads straight for the OPI!! Maybe we really ARE sisters after all! :P One fur baby inspired mani coming right up!
Here we used OPI San Tan-tonio as our base (again!) and dotted with Wnw Black Creme & OPI Alpine Snow Matte. On the accent we used OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby stamped using MASH plates 36 & 27 with Konad Black stamping polish.

After I got home I needed to do my nails in preparation for the blogger meet up, and I drew a complete blank in the idea department. I took a cue from the looks above, and use OPI San Tan-tonio as my base and came up with this look (which is actually a recreation of another look I did earlier but not posted on my blog yet):

All have same base: OPI San Tan-tonio
Thumb: OPI Road House Blues
Index: OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
Middle: China Glaze For Audrey
Ring: OPI Funky Dunkey
Pinky: OPI Hot & Spicy
Stamped with MASH plate 37 with Konad White Stamping polish. This arrow design has become my absolute favourite stamp ever! Like ever!!! And I don't even know how it got top spot, but I can think of at least 3 more looks I'd like to try with it. People with long nails will have to double stamp this design because it was a little bit short on my nails.

San Tan-tonio is a lot darker than my skin (as well as my moms & sisters) but somehow this shade unexpectedly works very well with my pale-to-put-it-nicely colouring.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 looks created with the same base colour! Maybe I should try more post like these?

As always thank you for reading!

Have a great day :)

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Southern Ontario Nail Blogger Meet Up!!!

Hi Guys!

I'm excited to share this post with you today because it all about my experience at the meet up that a bunch of us nail bloggers recently held in London Ontario. First lets see who made it (and couldn't make it this time):

Marta- Chit Chat Nails
Katy & Elizabeth - Life and Polish
Steph -Sincerely Stephanie
Katie & Lisa -Harlow and Co

Sadly missed:
Carmela - Polished Indulgence
Pam- Pams Girly Bits
Mary- Swatch and Learn

We all met up at Katy's apartment, and then walked to a little Greek restaurant for an early dinner/late lunch to chat and get to know each other a little better. Our discussion varied from school, to work, to laundry lint filters! Of course we also touched on basics like shopping, nail polish, konading, and kids. The waitress commented that we seemed like old friends after we told her most of us were meeting for the first time.  Here we are with our scrumptious food!
London and area NP Blogger Meet Up 2012
On the left side, front to back we have Marta, Katy and Elizabeth. On the right side, front to back we have Stephanie, Katie, Lisa, and Me at the very end. This is Martas picture and I'm glad she is letting me use it because I barely lifted my camera the whole time we were out... In fact I took only one picture!

After lunch the real fun started, including SWAPING!

...and Chatting!

and a little more of both...

And this was the only picture I took. Check the Harlow and Co t-shirts we got from Katie!
We all brought in some desert, but we only just ended up going to town on the world most amazing cupcakes that Katy picked up...yuuuumm Nail polish and cup cakes, is that a thing? because it totally should be if it isn't! And if it isn't, well the London meet up just made it a thing! Polish and cup cakes Woo!!

Now I don't normally write haulage posting, but today is a special occasion.
I purchased these two from Harlow and Co. and Katie hand delivered them for me... Thanks Katie!
Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise & Layla Ultra Violet

Next is also from Katie and Harlow and Co:
Glitter Gals!! Green Suede Shoes, Nude, Transitions Soft Violet

Enchanted Polish Secret Sauce and Picture Polish Demeter
Swap Polish! 
Dollish Dark Elf, OPI Bronzed to Perfection, Zoya Ivanka (!!!). NOPI Kim-pletely in Love, Sally Hansen Nail Prism Emerald Amethyst(Sqeeee!), and Finger Paints Military Green. Yep! I got spoiled! I forgot to include China Glaze In The Lime Light in my pictures.
The (almost) total haul:

I wore my new t-shirt and when I got home I promptly got it dirty right in the front... So no pictures until I wash it. Katie also made us all bracelets with the extra buttons she had left over from her wedding, they were so cute!
Bracelet and NOTD
Thanks to all the girls for including me in this wonderful afternoon, I had a great time, and made some friends that I can't wait to see again.

Have any of you guys been to a meet up? Or know of any bloggers in your area? I had no idea these wonderful ladies all lived so close until Marta told me!

Thank you for reading guys!!

Bye for now!

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